What is CBD?

Does CBD Get You High?

But how is that possible? CBD is made from cannabis, after all.

Here is how:

Like with medical marijuana, cannabidiol CBD and CBD products have become very well-known over the past few years, mainly because of its amazing health benefits. It’s one of many active cannabinoids that’s found in cannabis. The problem is that, because it’s one of the ingredients which makes up this drug, people often get the wrong idea about it and overlook all the good things it has to offer. Thankfully, that’s where we come in. This article has been constructed to help separate all the myths from the facts surrounding CBD and whether it does, in fact, make you high.

The many interactions of CBD

The endocannabinoid system is a biological system that’s responsible for regulating a number of basic functions within the human body including reproduction, mood, appetite, pain, neural development, cardiovascular function, movement, memory and learning, and more. Scientists first discovered this system existed when studying the effects of cannabis, hence the name. Since then, extensive research has been carried out on not only the endocannabinoid system itself but also the many interactions that take place when it comes to Cannabidiol CBD oil or hemp oil. CBD has a way of interacting with the various cannabinoid receptors found within our body’s cells. The two main subtypes of cannabinoid receptors found within the body are called CB1 and CB1 and CB2. And while CBD doesn’t directly interact with these receptors, it does impede the enzyme responsible for activating these receptors. In addition, CBD also inhibits the way in which THC interacts with the receptors, reducing its psychoactive effects. Today, CBD products can be found in the form of CBD vape oil, CBD e-liquid, CBD hemp oil, CBD tinctures, and so on.

CBD extraction process

When CBD oil and other CBD based products are made in order to be considered legal in the United States they must first go through an extensive cleansing process. Currently, the actual legal limit of THC in CBD oil 0.3%. This is only a minute amount and is small enough to ensure no high is created. There are many different ways to extract CBD from cannabis plants, with some being more effective than others. But the one thing they do hold in common is that each works to separate the CBD from the rest of the plant’s components. Here are some of the most popular methods used:

co2 image

The CO2 method. This is probably the most widely used CBD extraction method simply because it’s the safest of them all. It also produces a pure end product. The way it works is by injecting pure CO2 into a container that’s filled with plant material and increasing the pressure until the CO2 is almost in a liquid state. This is what’s known as supercritical CO2. Some heat is then added to the mix which helps the CO2 extract both the oils and aromatics from the plant material. Both are then sent to a separator where the oils are separated from the aromatics and what you’re left with is a pure, essential CBD oil that’s of extremely high quality.